Dear Curious,

This page is reserved for you, should you decide to honor me and  post your observations here.

The way your threads were treated was among the reasons that had me stop responding on PA online for quite a while.  I realized that the editing/censoring(?) actually harms the chances of issues being exposed and addressed.

On Jun 13,  2013 you started a thread Titled:

“School board prez Dana Tom reverses course, scuttles push for Gunn Counseling equity.” (link below).

Your  thread was locked fast,  made available only for those who logged in.  On Jun 15 I posted the following, part of a longer discussion about the issues this  thread addressed:

” I am sorry to see the discussion gone. Three out of the five comments this thread had (prior to me adding this one) were posted when the thread was restricted, already.

The fast locking is appalling, especially given your post above. Obviously, a significant amount of time was put into researching, checking facts and writing this thread. It seems to me that your caring about the important issues triggered your postings. Thank you. If I could open an open board, I would.”

This page, this space is what I can open. This page is yours.

Should you decide to post all of the above will be gone. This space  will be yours, only.

Respectfully, and most appreciating of your past efforts and accomplishments

village fool


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