@Mr. Dauber – please resign! This boat needs to be rocked. Stables need to be cleaned. Please educate the community about the way things work. And – “Under every stone lurks a scorpion” – Aristophanes

Dear Mr. Dauber,

As the next elections were mentioned, I am reposing my request from last year asking you to resign.  I have copied the title (above) from last year’s post.
Here is what I wrote on May, 2015:

Dear Mr. Dauber,

Yes, me, again.

I have addressed you several times before trying to convince you remain an outsider and to act from the outside.  This is also an attempt to find a way to create some Checks & Balances, thus my repeated suggestion to form a Shadow PAUSD Board.

I stand corrected about your running for the school board – I think that your winning last election was very important. Your winning proved that the public mindset may have shifted a bit.  And, a personal proof point – while you were marginalized before, you were correct in your assertions.  And not a word now about the dirty tricks used trying to stop you.


At this point I think it has become quite clear that the district’s systemic issues cannot be addressed singularly, one by one.  Best practices will not emerge from addressing the issues this way.  Randomly, almost.

MLK’s urgency in his speech “Why We Can’t Wait” is relevant in so many ways.  I think that some form of a Shadow PAUSD board makes so much sense now, especially given the broken trust and fear of retaliation.  And, who knows?  Maybe you’ll initiate momentum for creating some mechanism of Check & Balances over various local governments?

Please resign!  You can be much more impactful working outside of the board!  I believe that you may have gained some insights as to how things really work. Sadly, Aristophanes is as relevant today as he was many years back.  We need your leadership, outside of the board.

This boat needs to be rocked. Stables need to be cleaned. Please educate the community about the way things work, loudly and clearly.  So much work needs to be done, so much light needs to be shed on the district’s issues.
Time is of the essence.  The kids cannot wait.
I hope you will consider my appeal.
village fool

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