The WASC is NAKED? The emperor has no clothes? WASC as a reflection of the absence of checks and balances – School boards? City Councils?, Thank you Mr. Dauber, and – “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – A. Einstein

On February  9th, 2015, the PA weekly published a thread titled:  “High school self-studies yield data on counseling, school climate” (link #1). I posted the following comment on this thread:


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Am I the only one to wonder about – self study?
Can self study raise difficult questions? Can self study hear the fringe? the silent? those who need help? those who question the status quo?

I am reminded of the discussion about the ombudsman – Web Link

Here’s to checks and balances. All of them.


(My comment vanished, no trace left. Not a word now about the ongoing censoring.).


I have mentioned Checks ans Balances many times.  Or rather, the lack of them. You are welcome to search my blog for other references (top right). I also mentioned them many times on the PA Weekly. The comment above is only one sample.


The WASC self study has a cycle of six years.  Thinking of the past six years, the following  issues/occurrences come to mind, among others:

`-The Gunn counseling system

-Paly’s math teachers’ letter (issues reflected by this letter)

-Achievement gap

-Consistency in curriculum


-Fear of retaliation/cultural issues

Is it possible that the issues listed above existed during the previous WASC review cycle?  Is it possible that some of the issues were overlooked?  If so, why? (Obviously, I have some thoughts…)

Last Tuesday, March 10, 2015, the WASC was on the PAUSD board’s agenda, apparently per Mr. Dauber’s request.  The issue of zero period at Gunn was high-lighted.  Actually, this issue was mentioned many times recently on the threads dealing with youth stress, but did not make its way to the WASC discussion.

It seems that Mr. Dauber served as a “check” to the WASC process, high-lighting this particular issue. Thank you!

(While I am thankful to Mr. Dauber, I still believe that his talents and caring would be more effective from outside the board.) 

And I, for one, believe that the outcome produced by any system which is lacking fundamental Checks and Balances cannot be trusted to reflect the real needs and interests of the ones the system is supposed to serve.


link #1 –


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