A very quick update, and a question

Happy New Year!
While I did not post for quite a while, I did update the page I dedicated to the Palo Alto Online’s ongoing censoring (link #1).
Soon I will write a post where I’ll try once again to connect the PA Online’s censoring, the PAUSD achievement gap, and some common sense.
At this point, all my comments on Palo Alto Online disappear after being transformed to:
“Due to repeated violations of our Terms of Use, comments from this poster are automatically removed.  Why?”
The past few days presented several interesting manifestations of the censoring (link #1), as well as a great thread dealing with the legality of HW (link #2).  ‘Parent’, who started this thread, noted that:
The current UCP form is almost indecipherable. As you might know, I’m not easily discouraged but even I scratch my head and have no idea what to do with it.
I am very curious to know if the almost indecipherable UCP form (as described by ‘parent’)  needs to be completed when dealing with bullying?
Some of you may remember the unfolding of the bullying policies. I must admit that following the process of defining those policies was quite beyond me.
I decided to post my question on Edmund Burke’s blog (link #3). I am aware that the blog is not active anymore, but it was the only place where my comment did not transform to the “Due to repeated violations…”.  Well, at least for now.
As to my repeated violations – I invite you to check the page where I post comments Before & After being edited (link #1).  I posted many of my “violations,” as well as others’.
And here’s, again,  to the First Amendment!



link #1 – https://villagefoolopenboard.wordpress.com/editing-before-and-after/
link #2 – http://www.paloaltoonline.com/square/2014/12/18/what-gives-the-school-the-right-to-give-my-child-homework


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