Dear Ms. Gaona Mendoza, Laura’s mom and others who frequently address the PAUSD board who are interested in the Oct 28th OCR report: Please, watch the OCR report on TV, please  do not talk to the board today, Oct 28th. And – Dear Spectator At large…

To those who frequently address the PAUSD board and all who are OCR-minded:
Please, do not come to the meeting today.  Past meetings have proved that the PAUSD board ignores the public’s pleas.  There are too many examples to list now.
The superintendent announced on Sept 23 that today he will tell the community the costs of “dealing” with the OCR.  I previously wrote about that meeting  (link #1).
As many have mentioned, it is hard to know the exact cost of actions that were made to correct previous wrongs.
Please, let the report be heard without your presence.
Today’s  presentation happens to take place a few days after PAUSD schools celebrated unity week.  A year ago we had similar situation (link #2, and many more).  I hope that the content of today’s presentation  will be different and will indicate a sincere change of direction.  We do not know, yet.  This is the reason I am asking you not to honor the meeting by your presence.
I want to think that tonight’s presentation will be a milestone in a new direction. Having read parts of the Board Packet, I doubt that. I hope I am wrong; I hope to stand corrected.  Should today’s presentation mark a new direction I am sure you’ll be the first to applaud, loud and clear.
This post is a rehash of my writing to Spectator At Large back on Jan 27, a day before what will be remembered as “cut the mike” night  (link #3), and of other postings before that.
I believe that it is necessary to further demonstrate your frustration and concern.  PAUSD Board’s secret meetings were a very clear statement of their approach after the vigils, the many citizens addressing the board calling for independent investigation, etc.  It seems to me that your absence, your silence tonight, can be such a demonstration.
I want to thank each and every one of you for all you are doing.  At the end of the day, this is about all the children. Only those who were hurt know that no one is really immune, that all kids should be protected, and that if the weak are treated this way, anyone can be treated this way.

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