Open Address to Jay Cabrera, Gina Dalma, Ken Dauber , Terry Godfrey – Please, make a clear statement, take a clear stand! Please withdraw from the PAUSD Board race! and – “It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.” ―Lyndon B. Johnson

Dear PAUSD board candidates who oppose the PAUSD board decision to challenge the OCR –
I am writing to ask you to withdraw from this race, to make a clear statement that you do not want to be part of a governing institution which goes to secret meetings and all the derivatives of those secret meetings – we know enough to know that this board is not transparent.  I am pretty sure we do not know how deep it goes.
I am writing to you asking you to withdraw from the race, and to unite as outsiders to work for the well-being of all PAUSD children.
Let the sole candidate who would not state a clear opinion about the OCR run and win.  Let the board potentially include only four members who will continue to spend $ on legal advice “fighting” the OCR, publish the cost of “dealing” with Laura’s mom, for example (link # 1) and so forth, rather than focus on the educational needs of our children.
I have addressed Mr. Dauber before, calling him to form a Shadow PAUSD board (link #2), asking him to reconsider my suggestion (Links #3.1 my blog, 3,2 weekly), and asking him to withdraw from the race – link #4.

While I totally agree that the OCR is not perfect, as it is a Federal agency with all that implies in terms of resources, etc., I think that the decision to challenge the OCR is a “deal breaker” when it comes to Public Education.  This decision, especially when added to the secret meetings is a clear statement.

The best case scenario regarding the OCR situation would be that two of you got elected.  Unfortunately, you would still be a minority in a board that has shown neither accountability nor transparency.
I think that a potential PAUSD Shadow Board just presented itself – four out of the five candidates who stated clearly that they would work to repeal the PAUSD board decision regarding the OCR.
In the current situation, I cannot see any mechanism of “checks and balances” for the PAUSD board.  Shadow government  is one approach used in other countries.  Maybe there are other options of which I am not aware.

I hope you will consider my appeal.

village fool
Link #1:
Link #2:
Link #3.1:
Link #3.2:–please–reconsider-forming-a-shadow-pausd-board
Link #4:


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