Dear Laura’s mom, and quick initial response to 9/23/14 PAUSD board meeting – The new Superintendent announced that PAUSD is not “fighting” the OCR, and costs will be presented in the Oct 28th meeting

Dear Laura’s mom-
I have no way to start and express my thoughts and emotions while watching you talk to the board on Tuesday, 9/23/14.  You just posted on the editorial thread addressing the word “fight” (link #4).  Thank you. I’ll try to gather myself and write to you soon.
The new Superintendent announced during this board meeting (9/23/2014)  that PAUSD is not fighting with the OCR, and that the cost of dealing with complaints will be published on Oct 28th 2014.  It so happens, just coincidence of course, that Oct 28th will be just a few days before the upcoming elections.  I did not check the recording, but I will try to do that as soon as I can and post the time difference between Laura’s mom’s words to the board and the Superintendent’s announcements.
Obviously, PAUSD board is going full speed ahead with their June resolution to challenge the OCR.
Sadly, I think that none of the latest developments should come as any surprise to those who watched the Oct 8th, 2013 meeting.  As it turned out later, PAUSD was under state investigation and nobody bothered to announce it during that meeting when everyone was told about the Special Ed successes.
I commented about this meeting several times:  Addressing Ms. Gaona Mendoza (link 1.1 my blog, 1.2 weekly), Link #2 and quite a few more.
No surprise – please take few minutes and watch a bit before and after the two parents addressed the board (link #3).
Obviously, the board heard only of the great things were happening.  (“all was quiet”, already.)
It was clear back in October that the PAUSD board was in the “pre-acknowledgment” phase or step, as I defined it in my open address to Ms. Gaona Mendoza (link #1).
No news, really. However – I am glad that the new superintendent has let everyone know how things work. Clearly. Small step.
Link #1.1
Link #2:
Link #3:: – – Parents  addressing the board: 1:46 hours

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