Open Address to Ken Dauber – Please withdraw from the PAUSD Board race.

Dear Mr. Dauber,
I am writing to  ask you to withdraw from the PAUSD Board race.
On March 2013 I wrote  on the PA weekly, asking you to form a Shadow PAUSD Board (link #1).
My suggested short term objective was to investigate and document. I think that given all that has since happened, this thread reads very differently now.
On December 2013 I wrote asking you to reconsider my plea to form a Shadow PAUSD Board (link #2.1 my blog, Link #2.2 weekly).
When I first addressed you I thought of the dire need for an independent investigation. In response to the  lack of accountability and transparency, I thought of  a Shadow Board as a mechanism of Checks & Balances.
Churchill led a Shadow government (Shadow Cabinet – Link #3)
Currently, there are two open slots ( of five board members).
Back in June, the PAUSD board decided unanimously to challenge the OCR – Office of Civil Rights  (link #4). I think that even if you win this race with another like minded member, you will be in the minority and may need to  comply with this decision which was made with questionable timing given the election date.
You will also have to comply with the Brown act. While I do appreciate this act, I think that in the current situation parents may hesitate to bring concerns to you since, being a minority on the board, you may need to share the parents’ concerns with Board members who’ve heard previous concerns and have possibly  taken that info to the secret meetings which became public knowledge  last summer (link #5).
Also – A new Superintendent was hired recently,  I am assuming that the new Superintendent has the best intentions.
There was discussion about the atmosphere and culture that enabled the actions of some individuals. It is not only about the specific individuals but about the culture of the PAUSD organization.
Many called for a “clean house”.  How will the new Superintendent  know what has happened before? How will he know what needs to be cleaned without outside input?
It is my understanding that the Board is supposed to be the “check”.  The Superintendent is evaluated by the Board.
Given all we learned (and what we possibly do not know), I am more convinced now than before that an outside independent entity is absolutely needed.
My above writing includes only a fraction of the facts and reasons that had me write to you today.
All can be summed by Lyndon B. Johnson’s famous quote: “Better to have them inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in”.
I hope you will consider my appeal.
Thank you
Village Fool
Having written the above, I wish that your journey will go your way, any way you choose to go.
10/4/14 – I published a post asking the four candidates who stated clearly their view about the “fight” with the OCR to withdrew from the race and unite as outsiders –

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