why? (a partial list of my questions), and a preliminary list of threads which were locked completely (partial list).

* Why would anyone who had a bad experience in a school come forward?
Thinking of Palo Alto High as an example  – reports as to the health based reasons of the ex-principal’s departure were not questioned for many months. Could a student or adult be confident that any concern would be heard?
The facade that all was great was kept for many months….
* Why was “Doubting Thomas” censored? (just an example).
The following was removed from “doubting Thomas”  comment (link #1):
“… Do you have a viable solution or,is it just ” paloalto,is,special and should not be disturbed by anything? Shall we close SFO?

Palo,alto derives plenty of benefits from having SFO. Anyway, all these claims about air traffic in palo,alto are grossly exaggerated.”

The facade that all is great cannot even be mentioned?
And, I have started to list the threads which were locked completely. I’ve listed those in the page I dedicated to these issues (Before & After, Link#3).  Obviously, it is a very partial list. The trigger for this list is the thread titled “More PAUSD turnover” (link #2) which was heavily censored. I have not yet posted all of the occurrences I noticed.
Due to my timing constraints, this initial list of locked threads does not include the threads which were started by “Curious”. I’ll try to update the list soon.
It so happens that my comments were the reason for the locking of a few threads.  I have shared my perspective on the locking of the thread titled:”In secret, school board weighs not cooperating with federal agency” here (link #4) and  my perspective on the locking of the thread titled : “In-depth report: How a federal inquiry is changing the way schools respond to bullying”  here (link #5).
I did not write my take on the locking of many other threads. I guess why they were locked is anyone’s guess.

for example:

— “Why is Town Square So Out of Sync With Dominant Free Speech Norms of the Internet; or, is this Forum Not a Forum Anymore Due to Heavy-Handed Editing of Posts” (link #6)

— “A plea to Village Fool” (link #7).




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