Three quick questions –


California’s court ruled that  teachers’  tenure is unconstitutional.   Does this ruling apply also to PAUSD’ principals/assistant principals/other officials?

It is my understanding that some district officials are tenured after two years. I do not know if this is resulting from the fact that those officials are credentialed teachers. I posted my question on a thread relating to this issue (link #1).  BTW – I posted yesterday parts of the reasons for which I do not agree with the court decision. My question, above, about the principals is not disconnected from my understanding the reasons that the court decision will not solve the real problems.


Is there any way to know what is the new PAUSD’s superintendent stand as to  the PAUSD board’s decision to  approved a resolution set to challenge the OCR?

While the new superintendent’s first day of work is more than a month ahead, the community/media were invited to meet him (link #2). An open reception was set before the last PAUSD board meeting prior to summer break. I do wonder if the media or other asked him, and what was the answer. I think it is a fair question.


What % of teachers/parents/students  responded to the survey (of PAUSD teachers/parents/high school students)?

PAUSD published some survey results.I have many more questions. I posted few questions on the thread letting us know of the survey (link #3).


Link #1 –

Link #2 –

Link #3 –




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