Palo Alto Unified School District’s Board is to vote on a resolution challenging the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), I disagree with California court’s ruling about teachers’ tenure and – “Academic chairs are many, but wise and noble teachers are few; lecture-rooms are numerous and large, but the number of young people who genuinely thirst after truth and justice is small.” – Albert Einstein

PAUSD board is planned to pass a resolution challenging the OCR –  Office of Civil Rights (Link #1).
Obviously, many questions are called for. Questions related to the many details discussed,  and questions related to the bigger picture. I’ll try to address some of those soon.
While PAUSD’s Board will vote tomorrow, I decided to respond to the ruling as to  the teacher’s tenure now. (link #2).

I’ll try to explain why I think that teachers’ tenure ruling  is directly related to the ongoing PAUSD Saga, and why I do not agree with the court’s ruling, and yes – I do think that many problems can be solved with an appropriate approach to the teachers’ contract. And no  – this issue is not disconnected from my previous observations and beliefs that the solution is pretty simple, no legal education is needed.
With all due respect, I do not agree with the court’s ruling.  I do agree that the current situation results in many problems that mostly impact those who are less affluent. I doubt that going the court’s way will resolve those serious problems.
Thinking of PAUSD, I actually think that the court’s ruling will make “things” worse, will give more power and influence on the kids’ well being  to some of  those  who seem not to care at all about the children or the tax payers’ $.
I do believe that teachers have  huge impact on everything, and addressing their issues appropriately can resolve many of the problems public education faces. Seems the tenure did not produce the desired results.
I think that the solution can be found in the colleges and universities. Letting the teachers have even more security in their position and giving the teachers real academic freedom should raise the expectation that  the teachers will speak up about any wrong they see.

BUT – serious clean up is called for as well as agreements as to best practices and what is right?
Well, none of this can happen before a serious impartial investigation takes place to spell out the details that unnecessarily and negatively impacted children.
I think that there is no way to have any correction without spelling out the wrongs. Rehashing.

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