Dear Edmund,

Dear Edmund,
I hope you do not mind me addressing you by your first name.

I want to thank you, again, for taking the time to educate us in an extremely caring and down to earth way. Knowledge is power, or at least should be.
I also want to thank you for providing a space free of censoring. I am wondering about the results of the  CDE (California Department of Education)  review, and I do not even want to mention the unfolding of the bullying policies.

A new manifestation of the online censoring appeared yesterday. I kind of got used to being “edited” – comments cut and [portion removed] indicating the point of removal, having my comments “deleted” completely without a trace left to indicate that I ever posted, etc.

Yesterday was the first time that my comment was censored and there was no indication left to mark the fact that the moderator “edited” my comment. I assumed it was a “glitch” and I requested the moderator to note where my comment had been edited.
BTW – my comment asked some questions about  the process of selecting the new Palo Alto High principal last year, especially given the fact that the community was not aware of the circumstances behind the departure of the previous principal.

I copied part of a post made on my blog about a week ago.  My reference to my blog was removed without indicating that the moderator had changed my comment. While I do realize that references to my blog are  not welcome on PAOnline, I would like to comment that my blog is part of my response to comments on PAOnline being “deleted” many times, giving me no way to respond.  I decided to try to find a place where my comments cannot be deleted this way.  I commented many times, I started several threads trying to address the censoring until I reached the conclusion that I need to think of an alternative.  Also, others’ comments refer to their blogs, and their references often remain intact.
Again – Thank you!
village fool
.PS –
Below is my yesterday’s comment as I originally posted (link #1). The comment cannot be found anymore. The “story” of this comment can be found in Before & After – (link #2):

Posted by village fool, a resident of another community
22 minutes ago
@Chill Pill – The following is part of my recent post:

When the new principal of Palo Alto high was announced last year, the Weekly published an article titled: “New Paly Principal Knows Her Way Around Campus” (link #8). Again – the second part of the broom quote comes to mind.

The following is a partial list of questions I asked myself, particularly in light of the recently published allegations around the prior principal’s actions and his subsequent demotion.

I do hope that these questions were properly considered:

1. Was Ms. Diorio aware of the sexual harassment allegations that were investigated by PAUSD officials before those became a cause for PAUSD official’s investigation?
1.1 – If Ms. Diorio was aware of the allegations:
1.1.1 Where did she take the info?
1.1.2 – If she was aware, and did not forward the info, why didn’t she? (Was it because she was afraid of retaliation?)
1.2 If Ms. Diorio was not aware of the allegations –

1.2.1 Was she approachable to the woman who felt harassed?
1.2.2 How come she was not aware?
2. Streaking, campus culture, etc. sampling –

The above copied from my blog- Web Link

I wonder if you think that these questions are called for, especially given the fact that the community was not aware of the circumstances behind the departure of the previous principal?


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