@Never been so disgusted, “Cutting the mike” on the thread about the PAUSD Shcool Board’s secret meetings, and – “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

@Never been so disgusted – I tried to follow up with you many times. I wrote to you at the beginning of January (link #1), letting you know that I had been trying to follow up with you. 
Back in July you posted on the thread letting us know about PAUSD Board’s secret meeting set to check the feasibility  of challenging  the OCR’s “jurisdiction.”  (link #2).  I decided at that time to try to follow up with you. Back in July, the thread was open to all. All my posts trying to follow up with you vanished. I kept trying as I truly thought that “teachers too” (whom I quoted) had a good point that reinforced my decision to try to follow up with you. . 
I did my best trying to conform to PA Online’s unclear (to me) terms of use. I posted the following comments quite a few times:
Posted by village fool, a resident of another community
0 minutes ago
village fool is a registered user.
@Never been more disgusted,Back in July you wrote:
“…Or maybe I will continue to teach my students that their democratic duty is to criticize their elected and paid leaders to ensure that they are representing us. My union president may be silent right now, but I will not be.”I wished you, then, that you voice will be heard. I decided, then, to try to follow up with you.
I want to think that you also teach the virtues of free speech, First Amendment etc.
“teachers too” ended her/his comment here (http://www.paloaltoonline.com/square/2013/12/03/members-differ-on-path-for-bullying-complaints) saying: “… they are the people we pay to care for our kids, and they are all part of the problem. Until they recognize that and stop playing the game of silence, then only then will we be on the way to improvement.”
All correlates nicely to your July’s comment, above.
Wishing you that your voice will be heard and inspire your students. Many agree that teachers’ personal modeling can go a long way.
I posted the above comment the last time late on January 28th – the infamous “Cut the Mike” night. I thought it was appropriate timing. I referred to that night a day later on January 29th (link #4) as this despicable incident was not mentioned by PA Online. Ms. Gaona Mendoza, who accompanied Angela, commented, adding some behind the scenes info. 

On January 31st, the weekly published a great editorial naming the January 28th – Nadir. (link #5).  While I totally agree it was a low point, I suspect that lower points occur out of the camera’s watch.

A commenter noted this editorial (link #5) :

Posted by yes, but, a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood
on Feb 4, 2014 at 9:16 am
Town Square Moderator,

There is a separate thread which Village Fool keeps resuscitating which I believe is a method to ignite controversy surrounding similar issues. It’s among your top posts of the day. If people click, it just gets more views, usually few people have commented since the original thread was started.

I have appreciated your delivering news on the topics regardless of controversy; however, when posters use a thread to ignite passions towards one view or another, that seems unnecessary. Astroturf movements on Town Square should at least have real people behind them.

The moderator responded fast:
Palo Alto Online Moderator Response:
Thanks for pointing this out. We’ve closed that topic from further comment so this won’t happen any longer.

The thread reporting on PAUSD Board’s Secret meeting was locked, completely. No more comments.

So, my act of trying to address a teacher after the mike was cut on brave Angela, who tried to share her experience of being bullied, was raising controversy. Shame on me.

And here’s to:

“…the old pesky First Amendment…” – Evaluate this!, (link #6)


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