“IF IT IS NOT DOCUMENTED, IT NEVER HAPPENED”, and @Ms. Gaona Mendoza and @Edmund Burke

Luckily,  Angela’s very short use of the mike at the PAUSD board meeting was caught on TV on Jan 28th. “If it is not documented, it never happened”.

Brave Angela’s was not stopped, yesterday Feb 11 (link #1 ).  I think it is quite reasonable to assume that the Jan 28th incident would have gone unnoticed, if it were not for the excellent editorial addressing this issue, calling the Jan 28th disgraceful incident-‘the school board’s nadir” (link #3). The incident was not mentioned in the article covering the long board meeting.

The excellent editorial created the BUZZ enabling Brave Angela to speak yesterday.

Angela was followed by Ms. Gaona- Mendoza (link #2 ).

Please watch. Clear and brilliant  statement.

I think that this statement beautifully responds to PAUSD board’s secret meetings set to discuss to feasibility of challenging the OCR jurisdiction and to all the rest   (known and unknown). I mentioned few weeks ago that I think that those secret meetings were PAUSD board’s clearest statement,  after all the vigils, community members talk to the board etc.

It seems to me that the real nadirs happen out of any camera’s eye.,  many times behind closed doors. Even the camera did not prevent or stop  the Jan 28th incident.

I think that the occurrences caught by the camera can give a sense, or a glimpse to what can happen behind closed doors, out of camera’s reach, out of the camera’s watch..

@Ms. Gaona-Mendoza – Thank you again, for all you do. The recent events amplify what I wrote after the Oct 8h meeting.  (link #4).  I think that the Oct 8Tth meeting provided a “preview” to the Jan 28th incident. I wrote that letter after I watched you addressing the board.

I wonder if you also  think that the real nadirs happens behind closed doors?

@Edmund Burke – California Department of Education (CDE) investigation? Any news? (That investigation was not made public when Ms. Gaona Medoza addressed the board on Oct 8th.)

And – Here’s to Ms. Gaona-Mendoza’s three minutes on Feb 11th  – Subterranean Homesick Blues:
http://en.musicplayon.com/play?v=461198 (link #5)


Link #1 – Brave Angela – http://www.midpenmedia.org/watch/pausd_webcast/February/PAUSD_021114.html 0:37 HOURS

Link #2 – Ms. Gaona Mendoza  -http://www.midpenmedia.org/watch/pausd_webcast/February/PAUSD_021114.html  0:40 hours

Link #3 – http://www.paloaltoonline.com/square/2014/01/31/editorial-the-school-boards-nadir

Link #4 – https://villagefoolopenboard.wordpress.com/2013/10/13/open-address-to-ms-mendoza-the-lady-who-brought-the-office-of-civil-rights-ocr-to-pausd-and-few-related-thoughts/

link #5 – http://en.musicplayon.com/play?v=461198


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