The power of the Watchdog of Democracy, Dear Ms. Gaona-mendoza, One picture is worth a thousand words, and @Edmund Burke…

The power of the Watchdog of Democracy.  Better late than never, I hope.  It is a  starting point, I hope.
Ms. Gaona-Mendoza honored me and commented on a post I dedicated to the issue of the Watchdog of Democracy (link #1).
Now that the recording of the Jan 28th PAUSD board meeting is available,  the faces tell the story. One picture is worth a thousand words.

I’ll Get You My Pretty” commented on  the excellent editorial (link #4) that  triggered all this that – “… they are staring straight ahead, eyes slightly downcast, carefully not looking at the child. That look, is the look of a bystander… “.

Anyone who was bullied knows this look.

I was appalled by the way Ms. Gaona – Mendoza was treated at  the Oct 8th meeting.  I wrote an open letter to her, including the exact timing of her talk to the board. I wish more people had seen it at that time . (link #2).
May I suggest that you also  watch  the beginning of that meeting – a long celebration of Unity… Compare that to the response to Ms. Gaona-Mendoza.

Both appearances of Ms. Gaona – Mendoza were not mentioned in the articles covering the PAUSD board meeting. I must admit that I did not watch all board meetings.  I suspect that my sampling reflects a pattern – both of the way the board responds and the coverage.

As it turned out, PAUSD was under CDE invertigation on Oct 8th. I commented on this issue in (link #3).

@Edmund Burke – The new policies? I have no clue. I did not stay up to 2:00 AM, and I think you may agree that this issue calls for a serious discussion. I guess it is OK to wait a bit, after more  than a year has passed.

THANK you, again, for your on going dedication and the time you take to educate us  in a clear, eye level, graceful way.

Better late than never.  I hope.



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