Dear Ms. Gaona – Mendoza, Jan 28th meeting

Dear Ms. Gaona-Mendoza,

Thank you for taking the time to comment about my post dealing with the Jan 28th PAUSD board meeting (link #1).”

Thank you also  for enabling a glimpse into “behind the scenes” of this disgraceful incident  that happened when a girl you accompanied  tried to speak at the board meeting.
I’ll post the exact timing of this despicable incident when the recording  will become available. Currently I cannot access the recording (link #3).

I wrote to you after the Oct 8th PAUSD board meeting expressing my shame, respect, gratitude and admiration (link #2).   Tuesday’s meeting amplified my take.

Please relay all I wrote to you to the brave girl.  Please relay my sincere regret about how she was treated. She stood up, trying to share her experience of being bullied, and she was shut up.  All that happened in a meeting that was suppose to be about bullying policies. I am pretty sure that any script writer who would try to sell this story would be dismissed as – unrealistic, not possible.
My jaw dropped when I read  that you were removed from the meeting. Watching that scene I had thought that Mr. Young was called to support the girl in some way. I thought that  was the  Ms. Mitchel’s way to express her concern for the girl, after shutting her up.
Obviously, I agree with your comment noting that you doubt that any of this would have happened if the girl would have tried to support to district and share her positive impressions.
May I ask if any of the teachers  or district officials who were present approached you afterwards, offering moral support to the girl and you? Did anyone ask the girl to share her story, showing interest in the reasons that had her decide to stand up this way?  Anyone offered a glass of water?
I sure  hope that somebody did. If so, please do not post names as it is pretty clear that the board would not appreciate that teacher/district official.
This  Board meeting agenda totally backs up your response to me in October. I posted my open letter also on the PA online, trying to be sure that you’ll see it (link #4).  You noted  then- “This is the way they work. If they do not talk about it, maybe people will think that the problem does not exist.”
This past meeting agenda is a great sample. I listed  several other examples in a post I dedicated to my perspective of  your note (link #5). I also noted  on  June 22nd in my open address  to Mr. Dauber asking him to form a Shadow PAUSD board (link #6)  ” .. It seems to me that no steps have been taken by those in charge to better identify the issues. Meanwhile – the public attention seems to be shifting , fast, from one issue to the other. None being properly addressed – I’ll just mention now the Gunn guidance issue that was on the agenda just very short time ago..”.
There were many many other samples. This is the way they work.
I did not know that the issue  of bullying policies was addressed at 2AM. I hope to write soon about  this issue and many other issues  which were touched  your comment .
Thank you.  I am so sorry.

link #1 –
link #2 –
link #3 – 1:26 hours -
link #4 –
link #5 –
link #6 –—please-form-shadow-pausd-board


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