Few quick notes – My confusion, Dear Ms. Mendoza, clear statement and understatements, and – all is quiet.

I am confused. PA online reported on January 27th that the PAUSD board meeting would l review proposed rules for protecting  subgroups of students (link #1).  I thought of the numerous stories (and books) I know, heard and read about those who were diagnosed  with disabilities post- kindergarten, thus not “entering” the school protected as part of the subgroup.  Watching the board meeting made all these thoughts totally irrelevant as bullying did not seem to be high on the agenda. I was appalled by the way  the board responded to a girl accompanied by Ms. Gaona Mendoza who tried to share her experience of being bullied (link #2, 1:26 hours).
Apparently the girl did not “use” the “correct” time frame for talking to the board. I am assuming that Ms. Gaona – Mendoza who accompanied the girl also read the headline (link #1) and assumed that bullying polices would be the “beef” of the board meeting discussion. The board’s response added insult to the way those who are/were bullied are being treated. The board’s response is one of many manifestations of the reasons that had bullying on the agenda to begin with. As it turned out – it was only a virtual agenda (link #1).
I addressed Ms. Gaona- Mendoza after the Oct 8th, 2013 board meeting. (link #3). I am so sorry to see that nothing has changed. On Oct 8th The Unity Celebration was the amplifying background  of the board’s response to Ms. Gaona Mendoza.  Yesterday presented many teachers.
I must admit that I did not watch the meeting until it’s end. It was almost mid-night,  no  discussion about bullying.
I mentioned,below when I wrote to Spectator At Large in my post  a day before this   meeting that I think that  the board is irrelevant to those who share the concerns we share. I now think it was an understatement.  It also seems to me that yesterday’s agenda and the response to those who tried to share bullying experience are clear statements, added to the secret meetings which were already forgotten.



Link #1 – http://www.paloaltoonline.com/square/2014/01/27/board-to-review-proposed-rules-for-protecting-disabled-other-minority-students
Link #2 (1:26 hours)-http://www.midpenmedia.org/watch/pausd_webcast/January/PAUSD_012814.html

link #3 – https://villagefoolopenboard.wordpress.com/2013/10/13/open-address-to-ms-mendoza-the-lady-who-brought-the-office-of-civil-rights-ocr-to-pausd-and-few-related-thoughts/

  1. Marielena Gaona-Mendoza said:

    Thank you for your explanation Village Fool. Acording to some parents, they did talk about bullying and the OCR policies but not till almost 2:00am. Obviously the girl could not stay that late. And before the girl addressed the board, I told Dana Tom, that the girl was addressing the board, and could not wait that late. He was upset and said she could not talk till n next meeting. I saw other parent giving card for item 14 about middle school, and so I feel out a card for her so she could talk on the same item 14. I thought it could fit here since she is a middle schooler in Palo Alto, She does come through the Tinsley Transfer, obviously they are third class students, and they along with the parents are not treated with respect. And this time the first time a Tinsley Transfer addresses the board was not any different, and but as soon as they heard that she was talking about bullying, they shut her down, and ask Ms. Young to take me out of the meeting because I was out of order. They interrupted the girl from speaking the truth. I was not surprised of the board and Skelly reaction, if the girl was talking about how good things are working for students in regards to bullying protection, they would have not stopped her. They are awful and do not really cared about students unless they are children of those people who donate the school $$$ of can hire lawyers.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Right on

  3. Dear Ms. Gaona- Mendoza – Thank you for your detailed comment. i am honored.
    I’ll respond to you at length in a new post I plan to write, hopefully tonight or later this coming weekend..
    Meanwhile, let me express, again, my deepest respect and admiration.
    village fool

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