@Spectator at large, clear statements and talking to brick walls

@Spectator at Large – Here we meet, again.I am sorry that these are the circumstances. Sadly, nothing has changed. You encouraged all  to come and voice concerns in the board meeting tomorrow (link #1). We had a similar dialog during the summer (link #2).  That summer dialog took place before the we learned  about PAUSD board secret meetings set to check the feasibility of  challenging the OCR Jurisdiction. As far as I recall the info about the secret meetings became available totally coincidentally.

 I think that the secret  meetings were the clearest statement made by PAUSD board.
About a year ago  the (first) OCR settlement became public knowledge. The info triggered  vigils, numerous community members addressing the board etc. etc. etc. The board witnessed all,  and still went for those secret meetings. We cannot know what else we do not know.
I also think that the way the board responded to Ms. Gaona-Mendoza on Oct 8, 2013 was a clear statement. I felt  compelled to address her and express my respect and shame (link #3).
Edmund Burke’s blog (the 4 postings available until now – link #4)  also exposes the way the board considers the well being of ALL the children and the tax payer’s $. (or rather, how the board does not actually do this).
It seems to me that unfortunately the samples I listed above add up to a situation where the current board is  irrelevant to those who find the above concerning. I mentioned several times that I think of the (first) OCR settlement as an alarming lab test result. The disease is not fully understood.
The board ignored numerous calls to form an independent investigation committee to check what went wrong.  If they were a team of medical doctors, or maybe even hospital management, responsible for your children’s health, would you trust the same doctors again? 
And thinking of tomorrow’s meeting – maybe those who are concerned should not speak? Maybe only stand outside? Silence can be a statement after all that was said.
I think that  the PAUSD’s board expressed their perspective, loudly and clearly,  about all that was said by community members, the vigils etc. when they set those secret meetings.

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