@Edmund Burke – I stand corrected. You are not wasting your time, you are actually ahead in time, I hope

Edmund Burke – Thank you for your detailed response! (link #1).

I stand corrected. I agree with you  that the tremendous research you conducted regarding PAUSD policies is not a waste of your time. I hope  that you are ahead of the times.

I mentioned the law of the land many times in the past. I did not refer to policies but to PAUSD’s culture and atmosphere, which I think enabled what we currently know. I hope you are ahead of the times, and that the “law of the land” will follow you.

I think you will agree that a  culture of best practices would have responded differently to a parent who ended up addressing the OCR. Children are taught that by-standing is wrong. Writing to you now got me to search for and re watch LaToya Baldwin Clark addressing the PAUSD board on February 12  (link # 2, 2:10 hours). That meeting took place after the details of the OCR settlement became public knowledge.  I remember watching the meeting then, and agreeing that recognizing bullying does not require knowledge of law, that having a heart should suffice.  Common sense comes in handy as well.

That goes back to the  law of the land, where there is no accountability, no transparency.  This is a land where common sense was not exercised, a wild west where imperfect policies are irrelevant  to parents who have easy access to private lawyers, and parents who do not have easy access to private lawyers end up addressing the OCR. This is a land where the OCR finds PAUSD at fault, and PAUSD keeps the OCR out of the public eye etc. etc. etc.

I hope  that your approach to policies will become handy once  cleanup is, hopefully,  done. Given what we learned, this  cleanup seems to be  a huge task. By cleanup, I mean striving to achieve a  culture of best practices, or at least a culture which sincerely desires best practice. Exercising transparency, accountability etc.

I think that the polices you researched are important and can be compared to policies used in modern hospitals to verify that all are following important procedures and  decisions are conforming to the ethical code  etc.

Sadly, it seems to me that the policies you outline  are suited to situations so far removed from the current situation of PAUSD that they are largely irrelevant at this point in time. the same way as modern hospitals policies are relevant to Dr. Dolittle’s practice. By this comparison I relate only to the physical conditions of Dr. Dolittle’s practice.


Link #1 – http://www.paloaltoonline.com/blogs/p/2013/12/17/despite-denials-pausd-is-not-complying-with-anti-bullying-laws

Link #2 – http://www.midpenmedia.org/watch/pausd_webcast/February/PAUSD_021213.html, 2:10 hours


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