Dear King Families, and backward processes(?)

Dear King Family –

Thank you for graciously sharing your story! (link #1).  I think that you may agree that, unfortunately,  your insights may go well beyond catastrophe situations. Some of your insights may possibly be applicable to a bigger chunk of the population.

Wishing you the best of health, and that your kind consideration of others which had you step forward will be rewarded by others’ kindness

village fool

I titled this post – King families (multiple) and backwards processes.

After the (first) OCR case became public knowledge many called for an independent investigation. As far as I recall even a couple of PAUSD board members agreed that such an investigation is a must.  Sometime in March I addressed Ken Dauber calling to form a “Shadow PAUSD Board”. (Link #3). It was clear to me that a committee was not about to be formed and I tried to think of an alternative way to collect info from the public about past events. Among other issues, that thread dealt with who should be the members of such a committee  – quite bizarre to read now as no committee was formed. I suggested to consider a King family ……(which is to say a family of people who’ve been affected by the issues in question)

As far as I know not only was there no investigation committee but there was no open public discussion. And now there is an ongoing discussion about new policies and procedures.

Link#2 titled “New school district bullying policies given ‘green light’ by feds and state” is a sample.

It seems to me that policies and procedures are usually the result of investigation.

And it seems to me that the process is operating in reverse here.  The policies and procedures are being enacted before an independent  investigation or open discussion.


Link #1 –

Link #2 –

link# –—please-form-shadow-pausd-board


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