WatchDog of Democracy? and – “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

@village idiot (link #1) – Thank you for starting the thread dealing with the editing policy. I  think that your thread opened the door to the question addressing the Watchdog of Democracy,  the media. I tried to ask  the editor about that (link #2).  I have read the terms of use before – I think that most of the occurrences that had me question the editing/locking/removing, etc., did conform to the terms of use. The bottom line of the terms of use I read was that all is at the editor’s discretion.  I do respect that and I am thankful for having the opportunity to post.

@PalyDad (link #1)  – Thank you for speaking my mind.  Having written above that I do respect the editor’s prerogative to decide what posts to edit, I agree with you that  “…Editing for content and viewpoint is a terrible idea.”  There were many examples of such editing.  I’ll note now the thread about  the Paly gym donor (link #3) as an example.  This thread  was made available only for those who log in (which effectively stopped the flood of comments).  I picked this thread also for reflecting the issue of community support.  An anonymous Paly Gay student posted. Obviously, there was no way to know if that was a real student posting. The fact we cannot know if that was a real student does not change my perspective that an open thread would have enabled, hopefully, more expressions of community members’ support of the student.

I noted many times my belief  that no real correction can start without knowing the past that set the current tone/atmosphere/culture.  One example of the current culture that was not discussed until a year ago was parents’ fear of retaliation within the school system.  I tried to present my perspective of this puzzle in many postings.  My belief is that transparency is tied to accountability which is tied to a culture of free speech which is obviously limited by fear of retaliation.   All this boils down to adults being unable or unwilling to speak out on issues that affect the well being of all children in PAUSD.

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  1. Marielena Gaona-Mendoza said:

    Thanks for having this blog, and thanks for mentioning about the school board on October 13. You raise very good points. Hope together we can bring changes to PAUSD in benefit of the social and emotional needs of our lovely children.

  2. Dear Ms. Mendoza –
    Thank you for your very kind support.
    I can’t know that this is really you but I am assuming you responded and am daring to take your response as a profound compliment.
    Unfortunately, at this point I have to keep my anonymity.
    Please feel free to contact me –
    village fool

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