Announcing “beta” blog and responding to PalyDad

This a “beta” version. I started to think about an open board after one of the quick closures of one of Curious’ threads. I planned to have  open space for Curious and for Hmmm, hoping to have the honor of hosting them. I also thought of, and hoped for  humor postings,  freedom of speech forum etc. I’ll elaborate, and hopefully have some progress towards my “grand vision” of this blog’s appearance and content  in my next post.

PalyDad  – your recent response to Paly Alum (Paly’11) here (  was the straw that had me publish this now – way before I am able to execute even a fraction of my “grand vision.”

Here is my response:

@PalyDad – Thank you for taking the time to try to educate young minds, to share your perspective that we all will be better off with a better education system. It takes a village…

The achievement gap was noted by the Federal Government around 2009 as an area where PAUSD needs to improve. At that time, I could not find relevant material about the Achievement Gap on any PAUSD site.  Since then, a friend referred me to a document published on PAUSD’s website, date of this document is 6/22/2010. It is 35 pages long.  I saved it.  “Disproportionality” was mentioned 32 times,  “Achievement Gap” was mentioned once. I searched, then, for the word “disproportionality” in several online dictionaries , the word seemed to be missing.  Gmail’s dictionary (spelling correction)  lacks this word today. That was way before the OCR settlements, the Math department letter, etc.

After I found the document, I searched for other appearances of “disproportionality” and could not find many.  PAUSD seemed to be quite unique in using the term at that point in time.  The current situation is different, and your post is a proof that the language used to discuss the Achievement Gap has changed.

This writing may seem a bit odd – discussing words used in an old PAUSD document. I thought, then, that the issue was ultra-important, down to the tiniest details – that was the reason I kept that document.

On a very different note  –

You wrote on the thread started by “village idiot” ( that you think that anonymous postings should be restricted. Your view carries merit – but, as “bru” noted, I doubt anyone would post about school issues using real names. The fact that the flood of comments stops when a thread is restricted to those who log in speaks to that.

I noted several times that I am not proud of posting anonymously. Maybe the day will come when I’ll feel safe to post using my real identity.  I hope that can happen sooner rather than later.  I am a tiny bit more optimistic now,  since your post about the Achievement Gap did not seem to me to be to be a possible reality when I found and saved the “disproportionality” document I mentioned above.

Any feedback is welcome!
Thank you for your time.

village fool


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